Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sabroso Revisited

Ok ... well apparently Sabs has been in existence for more than 8 years now, which means I have known Jackie for more than 10. Bless!!

Its comforting to know that a bar and restaurant of this calibre is almost just round the corner, not going anywhere, simply waiting to receive us on our next visit, whenever that is, no pressure.

As comfortable as an old shoe, and just the way I like it.

It was another CBA Friday and we just didn't feel like Asian!! There are dear readers times exactly like these over here in the Temasek houshold. And I felt like having me some kind of red coloured sustenance, so off we went to Sabroso. We were greeted warmly at the bar by Hamish, who I think was trying to place us from somewhere, having forgotten that we shared some closing night drinks (I say some, but really we shouldn't have been driving after that) on his girlfriend's birthday ... but hey ho! Once we were seated, we were in the capable hands of Cori ... (the one with the tatts, floppy fringe smoothed over and dark looks).

As the menu has had a revamp since we last ate there, there were a number of yummy new things to try, along with the old faithful, salt and pepper squid, which remains consistently delicious to this day:

We also had the lamb cigars, and I didn't even mind the raisins, served simply with sour cream and sumac. With the very first juciy bite, we were in Marrakesh laughing at a belly dancer and making eyes at the fezzed up boys.

The new dish we ordered was a crab tortellini made with squid ink pasta. The plating itself was drammatic. The luxuriously black pasta played nicely against the creamy celeriac puree and the glossy white plate. In terms of flavour, the filling was fantastic, but it would have been better if the squid ink pasta had a more of a punch. As it was, it just tasted like pasta that was coloured black. Still as a whole, pretty damn special.

Those were our starters and in between glasses of Grenache Shiraz and intermittent catch ups when Jackie swung by for a convo, we had enough time to regird our loins and attack the mains.

For protein, we had the slow roast cummin chicken ... and let me just say ... TDF!!! This is probably going to be a mainstay order for me at Sabs. The chicken was moist and smoky at the same time, with the right amount of spice and heat. Perfection.

We also had a lentil and haloumi salad and new potatoes with these amazingly charred aspargus bits. The combination of flavours with these salads was unbelievable. So simple and yet so effective. I can't wait for this to be one of my pots at the next pot luck we organise with friends.

Sabs hosts a beer tasting night every Tuesday, and also Sunday Roast events. If you are in the neighbourhood, just pop by and check the place out. Even if its just for a quick drink and some bar snacks from the Tapas menu. You will love it! Right Jacks!! Thats $1.20 per word commission ... pay up.

PS ... and of course you can't end a spanish-ish meal without a serve of Churros!!! C'mon on! Are you kidding me?

PPS .. oh and the couple at the table sitting next to us were definitely having sex later that night.


  1. How many of you were eating? yummy... D :)

  2. Teehee the 2 people sitting next to you where off for a bonk I love it!

  3. something in the water methinks!


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