Thursday, 21 July 2011

Random Thoughts Part ... oh who cares!!

Ok ... time for another round up which comes to you without an ETS or Carbon tax and fragrantly free of any fetid phone hacking hijinks! Oh and we will not be cuing the "oh no the fire" screenshot or adding the well placed "insert branding" advertorial phrase. So here it is fuss free and in no discernible order, Temasek's Random thoughts:

- Elizabeth, your water is really cold and made my teeth ache!
- I may have a clot or worse ... arthritis!!!
- still no sign of my CD player, but amazon blessed me with a few choice items in the mail ... including the Suede classic "Dog Man Star" which has this slice of brilliance

- isn't my cat pretty in blue?

- finally made it to the Dancing Dog Cafe in Footscray - they do poetry slams ... hhmm.

- why are album covers full of sessy times these days ... I'm not really complaining

- and in the "taking it too far" corner, the resurgence (FAIL!) of the cassette tape:

- and finally, have been enjoying the Old Grey Whistle Test on DVD on which a story is told about the progressive Dutch group Focus' first appearance on UK TV. Apparently there was so much interest in the group after the episode was aired that the record company had to clear the decks at the record pressing plant and focus all attention on pressing the Focus LP in order to meet demand ... you be the judge ... starts off reasonably well and then the organist (alarm bell #1) looking like something out of tickle penny corner on Cold Comfort Farm (alarm bell #2) starts moaning in full on castrated counter tenor (alarm bell # 3) and ... wait for it ... starts Yodelling!!! (biggest alarm bell of the lot!!!).


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