Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Sandwich in Fitzroy

Ok ... M's in the kitchen salvaging remnants for a plain Spag Bol ... I am typing this in the warmth of the loungeroom listening to Michael Daugherty's Jackie's Song and hoping that my new CD Player (a few days away) will iron out the aural cobwebs and somehow miraculously transform the way music projects round this room. Only a few hours ago we were in Fitzroy munching on Sandwiches at Proud Mary, enjoying the hesitant warmth of the Winter sun and making up stories about the warehouse tenants in the Foy and Gibson buildings across the way.

 A few hours before that we were spray painting primary colours onto boards as we worked our way through to the penultimate touches on our new Mondrian-esque TV stand ... yes that very one! The wait has been interminable! And the reason I am documenting all this is to illustrate how a good long weekend should be ... a composite of everything and absolutely nothing at the same time!

But it was also a good excuse of segueing into the delicious sandwiches we had for lunch. Proud Mary, apart from having the dubious (well to us anyways) distinction of hijacking the deco winged light fixture we lusted after in Three Quarters both as decoration and as logo, and being a bit of a hipster and yuppie enclave, has the friendliest staff, some of the nicest coffee blends, and brilliant food as evidenced by:

M's roast lamb and beetroot relish sandwich:

And my Roast Belly Pork sandwich:

Also, these are sandwiches! Served between 2 slices of good honest bread! Not some himalayan goat munched oats of a towering bun or other such bready larks ... inspite of its somewhat irresponsible price and the plonked bit of salad on the plate, they were absolutely delicious, and certainly more competent than the paragraph I've just written. (This blog is in need of a firm editorial hand!)

And with coffee served in such cheery colours, it really is the best place to revive and rejuvenate. So what if its back to the grind shortly, for an hour or so's pause, all is right with the world.

And in case you were wondering, this is what I've recently purchased:

A Yamaha S300 CD player - and don't look befuddled like my friend DL did when I told him ... I have mountains of CDs that I refuse to render obsolete!! And an amazing amplifier crying out for a good DAC circuit to convert the digital sounds on my Ipod which this player possesses.


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