Friday, 31 December 2010

Walks ... but not along the Seine

Ok ... in an effort to keep fit and stay healthy, I have successfully convinced M to accompany me these last 2 nights on an evening constitution.

We have one last party to get through for the year, and then a short break before more baccalanian excess when we hit the sodden Sunshine Coast and the tropical heat of Singapore.

But there's nothing like a summer's evening walk along the river ... so its not the Seine, but its local and has a name as inscrutable as the Gallic tongue ... and its mine!

Hope you are seeing in the New Year in good company and some cheer. Alot of people had a fucked up year, so it may be wise to start the new one on the right foot.

Its New Years Eve, and for the moment at least, opportunities are endless, whether real or imagined.

I wish you dear readers all the best and a safe Happy New Year.


  1. With that scenery, I'll take that evening stroll daily! Love the photo of the swans in the lake. They mate for life you know? Wishing you and M a fabulous new year. Here's to life.. to getting older, wiser and happier!

  2. I know ... its fitting isn't it!! Here's hoping all your dreams come true for 2011. As Raymond used to say, there's no first choice! I think that is a good mantra! See you very very very soon.


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