Friday, 24 December 2010

The folly that is Singapore - Part 2

Ok ... it had been some time since I had a breakfast from my childhood. On my first morning in Singapore, I woke up to a cool 25 degrees and a rather dull morning, which was quickly livened by what was waiting for me at the breakfast table: omelette cooked with onions and green chillies, and pan-fried pieces of luncheon meat (yes ... spam indeed!)

2 things marred this for me - dad only had instant coffee (with creamora no less!!). And dad only buys this sweet pappy white slice that barely passes for bread! But the meal stabbed me in the heart and I felt both like smiling and crying at the same time.

I managed to catch up with some dear friends who met me at a shopping complex near the hospital. We had a quick meal in between cups of coffee and lengthy bouts of D&Ms. We went to a little Thai eatery in an upstairs food court where for the paltry sum of about S$7.00 you get a set meal offering a variety of main dishes all served with a bowl of tom yam soup, pickled veg and salad ... but most importantly ... you help yourself to the accompanying chilli sauces!!!! I love that about eating in Singapore ... self-served condiments. Which means you can take as much as you like and sample however many types there are on offer. I chose garlic chicken as my main and it was pretty darn good!


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