Saturday, 25 December 2010

The folly that is Singapore ... Final

Ok ... I have one word/two characters to say to you ... Bak Kwa!!!

How do I describe the Asian love affair with Bak Kwa - sweet, succulent and smoky!! Melburnians, you are totally out of luck!!! There is no decent Bak Kwa to be found here. But beggars can't be choosers! So if you've never had it, give it a go. You can buy a single slice at some of those Chinese snack stores.

The best Bak Kwa I have had to date was in Penang, at one of those shophouses lining the island's city streets, where straddling an uneven drain trough constitutes a foot path. It was dirt cheap, and freshly roasted!

But I recently had the opportunity to sample Fish Bak Kwa!!! It was super! And so very la!!

I had this at a little (well maybe not so little) bar tucked away in a little side street called Bar Stop. It was a cool enough evening for us to sit outside and watch the day draw to a close.

Oh and G did the interiors by the way ... 


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