Thursday, 23 December 2010

In the lap of luxury from the depths of despair

Ok ... I wish I could say that my trip to Singers was the usual cavalcade of consumerist wonder and gluttony, and whilst I have sampled the better part of what the hospital canteen has to offer and even managed to tick off a culinary point on my to-eat list, I can't really report back with much enthusiasm.

Dear mum is looking at spending Christmas in a ward where she remains the longest fixture, whilst the other 3 beds empty and fill up again with aggravating regularity. But we must remain upbeat as that has had a positive effect on her mood.

So let me just say that thanks to a generous older brother, I have travelled in style where every stage has been on priority and express, and I have luxuriated in expensive linen and intimidating splendour.

Despite all that has been going on, I am determined to have myself a merry little Christmas and to see in the New year with hope and determination.


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