Friday, 22 October 2010

Vale Ari up!!

Ok ... another one bites the dust, and it looks like the decades are starting to creep up. Ari Up, leader of seminal all female ska-punk 80s outfit The Slits, has finally departed our troubled shores for a date with Jahweh.

Are we all going to pretend to have liked Cut when it first came out? Or will we admit to being late arrivals on this particular slice of early 80s pop? Or no arrival at all?

There was a period when I played this album to death, but my fascination with ska punk was a short but sweet infatuation and the genre no longer holds any sway with me beyond a slight tinge of nostalgia.

Like all past loves dissappearing in the mists of time, I lay this one to rest and remember it fondly as another notch in those rebellious times when we courted controversy with teenage glee.

Peace out Ari!


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