Saturday, 16 October 2010

watching an aussie band, drinking beer in a plastic cup, catching the support ... tame impala

Ok the heavens opened and Melbourne wept sideways and only a waterproof jacket with hoody and a thousand layers underneath could have staved the cold snap of sudden winter from the door ... it was a night best spent indoors ... but we braved the elements to see an aussie band, drink beer from a cup, watch the support and bump bits with strangers all for the sake of one of the few aussie bands of note - Tame Impala.

So they're from Perth, but it will be the last time a ticket comes this cheap. With their latest weather balloon filmed video gathering interest and next year's overseas summer circuit looming, the next time we see these hip young things, you will be forking out double for the privilege.

In the meantime, someone should fire their engineer and hire someone who can work with heavily treated vocals and a venue this size. Admittedly we were not in the best possie acoustically at the start. But we moved down a tier and though the sound was bigger, the vocals still seemed to be too low in the mix.

However, this is a band to love and embrace. And I even forgive them the fact that they think only people older than them would remember Blue Boy's housetastic Remember Me (*insert ironic wink*). Only someone as old as me would know the Marlena Shaw sample!!! Right! Sign me up for a retirement unit in the Dandenongs toot suite!

If you don't already know who Tame Imapala are, why?


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