Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Spring - a time of neglect

Ok ... aah Blog how have I forsaken thee in these clement times, but I look out on sunshine as storm clouds pummel my nasal passages with rain ... and a torrent of mucus rises up from my chest and suffocates the words before they come out of my mouth. "Spring of 2010 - the cold that would not go away!!"

Anyhoo, here are some random thoughts to tide everyone over:

- online shopping ... its my new thang! Just took possession of some cool shades and have been rocking them senseless in the city ... lots of jealous looks from the hipster crowd ... let me have my 15 seconds of sartorial glory! (round frames and tortoise shell version not shown)

- my scent du jour is Fragonard's Patchouli ... which I can only now smell as my nose gradually unblocks itself

- I'm over online reviewers trashing new releases that are actually pretty good. Exhibits A below:

HURTS - Happiness

OMD - History of Modern

Tricky - Mixed Race

- Laura Linney in the Big C - TV is sooo much better than the movies these days!

- Angry Birds - I'm hooked! Those green pigs are doing my head in ... especially the fat one with the ginger mo!!

- Colin Hay ... you smell nice!! And you know what ... I'm not ashamed to say I'd hit it!

- and on that note ... maybe I should stop right there!!! Happy fruity-fruitfulness spring!


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