Sunday, 7 November 2010

Random Thoughts ... again

Ok ... dear blog, yet again I am guilty of neglect. Too long have I let the greyness of life suffuse every conceivable spectrum of my colour wand. I will endeavour to right this as I stand before the precipice of the holiday season, ready to plunge into a vortex of social functions and frenzied gift buying ... the horror, the horror!

But let me pen a few random thoughts which I may expand on at a later date:

(i) Naked for Satan ... Beezelbub targets the wrong end (i.e. suburban tourists) of Fitzroy and doesn't quite live up to expectations
(ii) M wins a packet of cock rings and something called the Love Pacifier (answers on a postcard peops!)
(iii) Will Anderson - a two-hander (I'll leave that one up to your imagination)
(iv) Footscray - how I still love thee!!
(v) the house is clean!! May introduce a no-shoe policy, but only after the Bro has been and gone
(vi) we're off to the Sunshine Coast and singers in the new year
(vii) Saffron gin rocks my world
(viii) I have no clothes for this warmer weather (and you can read into this that I am losing my battle against the bulge)

Time for rest and rejuvenation. Good luck and good night!

PS - I LOVE CROSS MULTIPLICATION ... god I'm such a loser!
PPS - what the hell is Zero Sum? The world is leaving us behind indeed!!


  1. How good is the dried beef coleslaw?!

    We are having a westside food bloggers' dinner on Thurs 16 Dec - would you like to come? Friends/family welcome. Email me footscrayfoodblog at for details. It would be lovely to meet you!

  2. Fantastic!!! Will email you soon!


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