Thursday, 5 August 2010

Ova the Ovaphobia

Ok ... I believe that M is finally over his ovaphobia!

He actually ate and enjoyed a beef dish made with salted egg yolk!! Who would have thunk.

At said restaurant, we also had bones (well we call it bones, but in singers we refer to this as you char kuay) stuffed with prawn paste. Disgustingly unhealthy but yummy just the same.

Both dishes lovingly crafted at the re-vamped Golden Harvest in Footscray.


  1. Oh, I am curious about the salted egg yolk dishes but have always ended up being distracted by something else. Looks yummy, as do the bones - anything stuffed with prawn paste is good in my book.

  2. Yes indeed, anything with prawn paste is good in our books as well. Although we did have in mind thai style fermented prawn paste, whereas it was a paste made out of minced prawn! Still yummy though. As for salted egg, just halve one and put it in your next bowl of congee ... especially the salted duck egg variety!


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