Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Orally Fixated!

Ok ... it seems like its been all about the food recently ... well lets face it, it has always been about the food ... which is why I feel my weight and my winter coat is starting to rebel at the seams!!

But anyhoo, there's so much to catch up on gastronomically. M has been trully inspired and the meals being dished out of our humble kitchen have been stupendous to say the least.

First up was home made Mandarin pancakes to accompany a cheaters (i.e. store bought) Peking Duck.

M's "famous" hands are onto the pastry as per ush.

And it was just another casual week night dinner:

Much like tonight's repast inspired by a Matt Moran demo on one of the Masterchef Masterclasses. Having scored Manchego cheese at the Latino run Milkbar in Mooners, and a tub of crab claw meat at the fancy Coles in Flemo, we set to work making our version of Crab and Corn Quesadillas.

We made a simple tomato sauce using a recommended can of Bangor's Salsa Pomarola de Tomate Frito, sliced garlic, basil and a hefty dose of pepper.

The filling was made up of crab claw meat, fresh corn, chillies, spring onions (we didn't have coriander), garlic, pepper and salt.

To assemble, we covered one piece of white corn tortilla with the tomato sauce, a generous spread of the crab filling, a mound of Manchego cheese (which is almost like a parmesan/cheddar/goats cheese cross) and covered with another slice of tortilla.

2 minutes on each side in a dry pan, and then in the oven for another 4 to 5.

We wolfed ours down with some seriously paprika-ed chorizo and a couple of empanadas, also from abovementioned milkbar.



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