Thursday, 12 August 2010

Opium and Turkey - Fastimes with Nan Goldin

Ok ... we recently headed out to Heide and were fortunate enough to see Nan Goldin's slideshow "The Ballad of Sexual Dependancy".

I believe there were a total of 800 slides of photos Nan took of her friends/lovers between the late 70s and mid-80s. There's a certain sense of turgid glamour riding on a wave of sex, drugs and rock n roll ... these were the days of true escapism, wild abandonement, and violent betrayal.

I think some people would question the validity of homespun snapshots as a form of art ... but its more of a visual installation than prosaic hangings on a wall ... the soundtrack is amazing and the stories gleaned from these sometimes blurry shots run the gamut of life's great motifs from friendship through to obsession through to passion and sometimes just good old plain sexual lust ... despite the harsh conditions of life, these people were at least living ... even in the midst of dying.

A moving piece of emotional dichotomy that frankly pissed all over the rest of the exhibits in the gallery.


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