Monday, 3 September 2007

Maafkan Saya!!

Ok ... excuse me for being lazy and otherwise pre-occupied!! Everyone seems to have migrated over to either My Space (if you wear skinny jeans and have a fringe ... Snap! David!) or Facebook (presumably for the over 30's!!) I refuse to accept any invitations as I am more than happy quietly journalising brief periods of my life on this long suffering, uncomplicated live journal site. This is me in Melbourne Librarian mode ... none of that flashy neon "in ur face muthafucker" electroclash ping pong emo raving geometric txt messaging palaver that goes on these days. In fact, I will NOT be filling this entry with any crazy fonts or photos just to make the point!!

Lets re-cap!! Now that we are well and truly into the Aussie Idol season, let me just say that I am loving every minute of it ... it has made up for the lack of belly laughs I am currently experiencing on the new season of Kath & Kim (sorry, I know, Sacrilege!!!) What I find surprising is that the one true soul voice belongs in a package that ordinarily I would raise on a flag pole whilst screaming out "No more rounds ... this is it!!!" has left me stony cold. Wassup wichyu girl!!! Drop the tude ... and lets have some honesty!! Listen ur either Mary J (keepin it real) Blige or Whitney "crack is cheap" Houston ... either way they've both found Jesus ... but have kept the bling!! So enough with the praise jesus and that stupid doe-eyed look on your face ... coz it ain't kickin' it ... ya dig!!! Daniel Mifsud ... if ever there was a look that I go for ... honey are iT!! Jack ... I woudl pay to see you ... Husny I would buy your CDs ... everyone else doesn't matter enough for me to comment ... they're all consistently good ... Matt has the best voice so he's my favourite ... the modulations from those vocal chords .. shivers!!! And straight boys please take note ... this is how you should dress if you're under 22 and are still living it large ... leave those shop windows behind ... take some risks!! Tight jeans ... overlong T-shirts ... and a great jacket ... James looked hot in that Tuxedo blaser with the vertical black and white striped shirt ... I'm pilfering that look for Christmas ... which this year will be in SINGERS!!!!

I cannot wait!!! We had such a foul time last time being unemployed and all that!! This time round its going to be sooooo much better ... I'm just going to eat and explore differnet parts of the city ... I'm too fat for clothes shopping anyways ... Certainly going to go to all those cute little shops in Chinatown and down Arab Street ... there's a chick who does these lurid papercuts that I am determined to get hold of ... and I want some calf high boots that won't cost me $850 (damn you Kenneth Cole!!!).

And let me tell you, getting tix for the flight was drama and a half. I went to 3 travel agents, all of whom told me that SIA had no seats available during the time periods I was hoping to leave and return. They tried to book me on Qantas ... and quoted me roughly the same ridiculous amount of money!!! I was almost palpitating coz they all said "only 2 seats left" you'd need to let us know soon!!!

SOON MY ARSE!!! After much frothing over the phone with Martin, I went online directly to the SIA site ... started to follow the prompts .. and 1, 2, 3!! I booked return flights on exactly the days I wanted, saved $300, and got to reserve my seats on the flight ... one of the pairs at the back of the plane. So sometimes it does pay to go direct. Cut out the middle man .. if you're just looking for straightforward travel. Even was more expensive!! Don't travel agents have access to the entire manifest anymore??? Fuck I had economic globalization!!!

Work is still cruising along ... although I would like a bit more pedal and a little less cruise control!!! But I'm not complaining. Its so much less stress ... and now I'm getting the urge to cook again!!! And I've been playing more ... and listening more ... and reading more .... all I need to do now is focus on the things that I've been wanting to do creatively, and getting on with it!!!

I'll do my best to have photos next time. Loving the new MIA!! Can't stop listening to it. Loving the new Caribou!!! And looking forward to the new PJ Harvey due out soon. And I have re-discovered Jarvic Cocker and the new Air .... was recently sick as a dog with a cold ... and they were the 2 CDs I could stomach listening to.


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