Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Little Star

Ok ... I promise I promise I will do more updates soon. But here's a summary of what's been going down so far:
(i) Love Unkle, Justice, Simian Mobile Disco and "shock horror" Siobhan Donaghy!!!
(ii) Finally finished training ... now fully into work ... "love" isn't exactly the way I describe it ... but it is much better than before stresswise ... peops are nice ... fringe benefits are great ... location yah!
(iii) still hate PT ... but car is being fixed ... for under a grand ... thank fuck!!! Woods quoted me 3 grand ... so gotta be kidding me!!!
(iv) D is preggers ... YAY!!! caught up with her an M for a fundraiser (i have trouble remembering this word!!!) at the Keilor bowls club ... and D if you're reading this ... at least we were honest ...everyone else sooooo cheated!!!
(v) spent a sunday with the in-laws ... which really wasn't that bad .... until teh end when there were words ... at least M wasn't involved this time ... well at least not directly
(vi) A and the kids are here for a visit this weekend up from geelong .... omg ... how will I survive a whole 2 days with kids!!!!

I am just a little star in a firmament of stars ... no its not a quote ... just how I feel sometimes ... but at least I'm a star!!!


Danise wrote:
That is the BEST news. I will soooo email her..
i miss you.. come and see me !!
I don't want to be 33.. make it stop .
hugs xxxx
31 July


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