Tuesday, 24 April 2007

It was only a matter of time


I crashed my new pony (Little Pony Mark II) into the Garden Fence!!

Well it ain't a brand nu car .... but it was damage free ... UNTIL NOW!!! Jeez I'm hopeless behind the wheel. I really don't know how it happened .. well I do know ... but its embarassing ... it was like I was another person watching it happen ... an out of body experience just before the nose ploughed into our lovely sturdy fence ... and it made the loudest bang ... and then I was on the phone to M doing the chest heaving sobs ... and I had all these things planned for the arvo ... and all I did was lay on the couch and sob myself to sleep watching Dawn of the Dead ... like that really helped my mood ...

But I have to say that M was and is a GODSEND!!! He was ready to turn round and come home, and he also rang D and asked her to ring me to give me some TLC .... Oh BLESS!!!! There's a reason why we've been together for sooooo long ... where do you find lovin like that these days!!

Anyhoo ... enough self pity .... its off to the panel beaters to get her back looking like this again (hopefully better):

Now onto less distressing matters ...

2 of pop's more idosyncratic female singers are about to release new material.

I've already mentioned Tori Amos' American Doll Posse ... surf the web and you'll find shitloads of live promotional performances, interviews and advanced listens ... true to Tori form .... she's still trying to come across as the tortured eccentric and sometimes that stream of consciousness lyric form does seem tired and uninspiring .... and really who knows what she's talking about anyways ... but when she sits at those keys ... some kinda voodoo takes over ... and you just have to watch.

The pretension is there in Bjork ... but I think its the accent and the wierd clothes and the potential to erupt into thai-bashing violence that we forgive her soooo much ... and this time round there's a lot to forgive as evidenced here:

WHAT THE ... !!!! Anyways Love her to bits so everyone singalong with me:

"We are the earth intruders, we are the sharpshooters ... woowoowoo"

Sample tracks here: (gee Timbaland gets around!!!)

Oh Bjork ... if only there was a little bit of crazy left in all of us .... (judging by fabric of dress .. are we already dredging up the 90s??)

PS ... have a look at this video for Softlightes:

Don't you just love stop motion photography .. its so sesame-streetish .. which is prolly why it always reminds me of childhood ... and the coloured paper too ...

PPS ... CrCh reckons the Junior Boys sound like Dead or Alive ... FUCK OFF!!! Hahaha


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