Thursday, 5 April 2007

A Charmed Life

Ok ... lets get the shit stuff out of the way ... work SUX!!!!! Me and J have been having long and somewhat debilitating conversations regarding what we're doing here, what are we going to do, how do we change things around, what is it exactly that we want .... the usual philosophical intrigue that some people leave behind in university dorms along with bracers and bad fashion ... its our emotional baggage, this sense of uncertainty and unrest that we conveniently blame for not forging ahead and seizing the day ... but then again are we really our own worst enemy? Do we all have this inate/inert ability to truly be whoever we want to be ... I want to be a rockstar but I can't sing ...  should that stop me???? Hello self-help gurus charging hundreds of dollars per hour ... what do you have to say on that subject??? And what are we really talking about here ... is happiness tied up with material and financial success?? Is what I do for a living the only definition of self?? Is my lack of ambition a turn-off for you?? Hhmmm ... lets ruminate people! Answers on the back of a postcard please ....

Now for the fun stuff ...

Have a look at these sketch books:


I heart them so much!!!! I want to take a photo of my house and also my living room and make my own sketch book cover ... such a great gift idea too!!! More info here: Loves it!!!!

And now 2 items that are music related:

ITEM 1: Podcasts

Look I won't bore you about my iPod and Playlists ... yah nothing more boring than listening to someone waffle on about their musical pecadilloes ... bit like listening to someone's dream hey kj???
But you really need to check out the Podcasts here:


These are essentially dj mixes done by mainly Tokyo based artists like Cornelius .... they are simply wonderful ... and if you want to know what kinda music gets me off ... just have a listen .. you can email them for a playlist too!! Start with the latest one 017 ... It starts off with this amazing track called Pulsars by David Tudor which then segues into a Panda Bear track and takes in the likes of Bowie, Talking Heads, Timbaland, Low .... amazing stuff!!! One of the podcasts has Paul McCartney's "Temporary Secretary" which I think is his best song evah!!! I won't tell you which one ... you just have to go through them yourself ... thats the joy of discovery peops!!

ITEM 2: Guilty Pleasure Part 1

Now most of my friends think I'm a musical snob, and I wear this as a badge of honour .... however I do have a few guilty pleaures .... and this is one of them ... (remember cc laughing at one of my iPod Playlists ... he couldn't believe that I had ONJ alongside the likes of Arcade Fire, Xiu Xiu, The shins ... etc)


Now I can't explain why I love this video so much .. its Kitty Kat (one of the least inspired Neptunes productions I've heard) ... I just love the Big Black Cat that she plays with at the start ... ignore the "addicted to love" pastiche and the tacky leopard print body suit with matching eye make-up ... but marvel at the ridiculously ugly shoes she prances around in ... I have to say though ... PRODUCT OVERLOAD!!! I mean how many bloody singles has there been so far ... there are not that many album tracks left ... And jeez I hate it when there are re-releases with extra tracks ... and in this case an extra disc!!!


PS ... why have I only just discovered Henry Cavill??? Where do these guys come from??? Can't wait for The Tudors to show here ... better be on the ABC ... coz I can't be arsed with friggin ad breaks!!



Temasek wrote:
I have a dream .... a song to sing ... to help me cope .... with anything ... if you see the wonder ... sing it with me Danise!!!
13 Apr

Danise wrote:
Well I had this dream and it was just like, well you know, kind of like, like him. And, um, well as you know, it's all kinda like this other dream I had... ahahahahahahah HOW NOT AS is this guy.. Where did you find him? See ya in my dreams.. xxx
6 Apr


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