Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Queen of Denmark II - A night with John Grant

Ok ... Last night amidst a sea of dark, shadowy heads in a crowded room, John Grant touched my heart with his songs and his deep sonorous voice.

It was my first gig for 2014 and what an amazing night.

I've blogged about John Grant before and since then he's released his second album Pale Green Ghosts with a slightly more electronic bent and perhaps a stronger or more obvious LGBT agenda. The man doesn't seem to have much luck in love.

Standing slightly awkwardly dressed in black shirt and jeans, rather non-descript bordering on daggy, eyes shut for the most part, hands drooping by his sides or clutching the mike stand, John let rip with that voice and the band surged forward with him, egging the crowd on to whoops and hollers of grateful applause.

And when he sang "Where dreams go to die", I swear my heart stopped beating and for a few seconds I found it hard to breath. Amazing.


  1. Hello there, unrelated but was wondering where you purchased those geometric cartoon portraits on your blog header and the artist! They're so cute.

    1. They are by artist and design group "friendswithyou" - here is their website: These particular prints may be hard to find though. I bought mine framed in a shop in Melbourne called Outré gallery -


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