Sunday, 19 January 2014

How do I love thee Rosie ... let me binarise the ways

Ok ... what a brain-melting, blood-boiling, fat-roasting, essence-draining week this has been with sweltering temperatures and attitudes to match.

Through it all, the latest addition to the Temasek household, and frankly, a slightly offbeat and creepy replacement for a pet, has dilligently persevered in completing the tasks she was built and designed for, without complaint and as efficiently as if it were a cool ambient 25 degrees outside, rather than the oven roasting 40s it has been for about 5 days in a row (that's degrees centigrade to any overseas readers who may stumble upon this post).

So everyone, I'd like you to meet Rosie ... our newest and bestest friend:

Before you roll your eyes (what ... too late?) and say something like "who the fuck watches informecials in the first place but worse off, actually purchases the product? Its not normal!" or something to that effect ... let me tell you that Rosie was a bit of a joke present in the first place but has turned out to be an absolute godsend.

We're never likely to win any kind of housekeeping award, and Rosie isn't likely to win any awards for her suction prowess, but its easy enough to set her going on a regular basis, and then "finish off the corners" as it were ever so often. Our house has never been this consistently clean before.

We love you Rosie! Never leave!

PS - I can't believe I posted about housecleaning!! Can we just blame the mini Melbourne heatwave for this?


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