Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Ok ... first food post of the year!! Excitement! I don't think I can even remember how to do this but lets just put it down on paper shall we ... you can skim read through the verbal excess.

Let me just say I have found the perfect chicken sandwich ... something that I am constantly looking for when in the mood for a snack that is light but substantial. And where better than in our almost back yard.

Situated at the tail end of what we like to call Little India on Barkly Street, West Footscray, POD (what does it all mean?) is located in part of the retail space housing Post Industrial Design, a lovely place for some hip and cool browsing. Our friendly waitress (is this kosher?) said that Mary the owner of PID always envisaged a cafe space at some stage when she opened the shop ... et voila, as they say. Factoid # 1 - Mary's partner designed the fittings ... heavily influenced by steampunk by the looks of things.

The menu follows the standard format of most brunch places in Melbourne but its lean and devoid of any culinary excess with some interesting choices and combinations. Coffee is by Niccolo, a Melbourne roaster I'm not familiar with. Wonderfully smooth, more of a Leo, rather than a punch the back of your throat Scorpio.

Surprisingly M opted for the same dish that I did, which was the rather stoicly named Sandwhich ($9). Perfect name for what turned out to be a perfect meld of Poached chicken, Spinach, Pecorino Cheese and Truffle Oil Mayo served in simply sliced Sourdough bread. (Common Galaxia please take note!) This was delicious.

We can't wait to go back and check out the breakfast and indeed the other lunch offerings, and really anywhere there is Badu on the soundtrack and a rockabilly sense of sartorial style is fine by me.

I've said it before, but WeFo is the place to be for you and me and everybody!!

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