Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Soi38 PopUp Thai Noodles Part 2

Ok ... this time round is was Sukhothai Noodles ... and we had Thai friends in tow who I think were suitably impressed.

Another fine bowl of winning noodles ... and yes another serving please kind sir! I said to M that it reminded me of the butchers at the wet market in Singapore, and well it should being a pork based stock in which the noodles are drenched.

The snackage this time was some kind of  Minced pork toast - suitably snacky and perfect with my aperol and soda.

Sadly the sago pudding was a little bit of a letdown (sorry Andy ... just keeping it real) - it could have been a lot sweeter and richer in flavour ...

If you haven't yet been to one of these Soi38 Popup Friday nights, you need to fix that sitch up straightaway. Here's last weeks edition for your reading pleasure.


  1. It's all good Daniel, I thought the same thing. More sugar!

    And guess what else I learned this week?
    Temasek is the old village on the site where Singapore is now.

    1. You were spot on with your pronounciation ... top marks! And sadly we have to miss out on this Friday's offering!! How will we cope?


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