Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ride a painted pony let the spinning wheel spin ... ok I'm not talking about gambling!

Ok ... so Clay came through with the goods. It took nigh about 2 months but it was well worth the wait. Some would posit that we're making a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but our Pioneer Rondo 3000 is a solid belt driven platter, even though its the 21st century equivalent of a no-name Euro wonder that you could possibly pick up at Aldi's today.

The belt's changed, the speed's calibrated, the make-shift earth wire removed, but the crowning glory is a switch of its not too shabby audio-technica cartridge to an amazing Ortofon 5e stylus.

Yes you still hear the clicks and pops on an old record, but oh the subtleties, and the background effects set well back in the mix, like clear atmos after a short shower of summer rain. Amazing!!


  1. OK, we need to talk records! We bought ourselves a record player to go with our amazing record collection (inherited, and bought from a friend who moved overseas) but I am curious where are good spots to buy new (and old) records in Melbourne. Ours is an Audio Technica (I think)

    Love the Morrissey track!

    1. Oh no way!! We have too much in common. There's probably too many places to list but for new vinyl, there's polyester, the jb hifi stores in the city, thornbury records. For old, definitely round and round on Sydney road, missing link in the city, searchers on smith street. ... Also look out for record fairs, but be prepared for the great unwashed! Would love to see your collection one day. (And I was a massive smiths fan back in the day)

    2. Yay! Thanks so much. I didn't know JB Hi Fi sold vinyl - think I will make a trip into town this week and have a sniff around. Yes, would love to show it to you too!


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