Sunday, 4 November 2012

A little bit of Persia in Seddon - Lunch at Advieh

Ok ... everyone knows the main drag of Seddon now and I'm sure we all have our habitual routes but it pays to widen your sojourn further along Gamon Street to a not so little cafe called Advieh. According to the interwebs, Advieh is a type of Persian spice mix, and indeed the cuisine at this cafe is Middle Eastern at heart. So is the decor ... wonderfully so.

I've passed this cafe numerous times, but I keep forgetting that its there. So in between shopping for bits for fixing our gutters, we made it a point to take our mid-day repast at Advieh.

You don't realise how expansive the space is until you step inside. Ample seating with the cutest tile inlaid banquettes and a massive table near an open fire just ripe for a Winter's day. We sat ourselves down in the window nook and perused the menu with delight.

M went for the Lamb kofta in toasted Turkish bread, and I went for the Lamb Kofta wrap. Both were sizeable meals but what was immediately apparent was how extremely fresh all of the ingredients were. So much so we didn't mind the comparatively long wait (but I am niggling here).

I wonder if there is advieh in the kofta mix, the flavours were balanced and it was not too super salty. I haven't had such a juicy crunch of lettuce in a sanga for a very long time. And whatever is in the garlic sauce and tabouleh mix reveals a deft hand at handling strong piquant flavours in the kitchen.

Coffee here is a 5 senses blend barristed to perfection, both in flavour and temperature. A certain establishment could take some notes here. Although I think flip flops are a safety hazard for staff in a cafe ... no?

We are certainly going to be back especially since parking isn't such a bitch and there are some stunningly pretty houses along this stretch.

Oh and I've been told that the baclava is out of this world. It certainly looks heavenly rustic.

I love living in the West so much I could cry!

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  1. Hi Temasek! What you've heard is entirely correct - the baklava is fantastic!

    1. Hi kenny!! Can't wait to try the baklava! I can't believe it took us so long to get here!


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