Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Samosa is not a samosa in any language ... CBA at African Taste Seddon

Ok ... Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba* ... which is pretty much what I wanted to say when we were shown our table because finally, yes finally we have made it to this damn place ... a place we've heard and read so much of ... a place where there seems to be a steady stream of bearded chambrays and their mustard coloured girlfriends clogging up every inch of available space in this seemingly large, but actually quite small cafe on the outskirts of Seddon main.

And was it worth the wait? You betcha!!

We started with one of African Taste's popular entrees - Cramped Cauliflower - Golden fried Cauliflower in a spiced batter - simple yet effective is how I would like to describe this. I'm not one for overcooked Cauliflower drowned in icky white sauce, so this was a perfect way to serve this oft overlooked vegetable. I can see why its a popular starter.

We also had the Beef Sambossa - i.e. Samosa - crisp filo triangles filled with dry spiced fried beef mince - not quite like its curried cousin - a slightly sweeter and milder flavour - and certainly moreish.

For mains we shared the Mololia (I think I got that right) which is lamb cooked with spinach in a gelatinous sauce - I'm not sure how they made it gelatinous, but it was borderline slimy but don't let that put you off. It was wonderfully flavoured with a nice hint of chilli heat. Definitely a standout.

We also had the Spice Fish Tibes but opted for rice instead of injera. I'm not a fan of the bi-carb method of tenderising, and unfortunately the fish pieces did have that fake pliable texture, but don't let that put you off. This was a surprisingly mild concoction that we both enjoyed. But for some odd reason I felt that it could do with a bit of kiam chye (salted {read pickled} vegetables).

And to wash all of this saharan goodness down, we opted for a South African cider. Its my new tipple.

Oh and our waitress was gorgeous!

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