Thursday, 20 September 2012

Its not all hot pots and kimchi!! K-POP is ruining my life!

Ok ... Popasia SBS has worn me down!! Not only have I succumbed to the peroxide androgynous charm of a Korean boyband with their latest hit on high rotation on the old iPod, but I have forked out (rather trepidatiously) my hard-earneds on some items of clothing of dubious sizing (i.e. I won't know if they really fit until they arrive ... oh!) from!

But hey ho, I have a tax return due and possibly some germanic financial planning (Ya-vol!) to assist with my total lack of money management nous.

This is what will be in my package when it arrives:

 Prints - fashion's latest trend

The Transeasonal Hoodie!

Always room for the monochromes

And what band am I fangirling about? Big Bang!! Here's their latest hit ... "I think I'm sick"!


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