Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Blowing off the Tumbleweeds - A new Playground discovered in Canberra

Ok ... Its Spring (well in name only if recent weather is anything to go by) so time to put the house in order!! Sorry Gina, but I have been too busy drinking and smoking to get a skerrick of work done. Still I managed to cut back on a coffee a day, so I'm well on my way to putting a down payment on a house ... erm ... in downtown Dimbelenge!

Anyhoo, the lack of posts has more to do with the stresses and obligations of work severely depleting my shrinking resources of energy and time, than me not having been or done anything of note in recent times, although I am on the downhill slide to complete hermitdom status.

I was in Perth for work and spent time with the fam; had an amazing meal over at the Newie's; slugged back one of the best mojitos I have ever had at Besito's; had a really yummy modern take on Miso soup over at Mina-no-ie; experienced dissappointment at new hot brunch spot Common Galaxia; held an actual olympic medal in my hands; discovered a cheapish but delicious bottle of french champagne; had Fried Green Tomatoes for the first time ... i.e. I've been busy!

So lets blow off the Tumbleweeds and start with Canberra!!

If ever Canberra gets a Thousands page or Broadsheet expands its environs to include our Capital city, Playground would definitely get a look in.

Situated in the "heart" of the city in Garema Place, it has the requisite mismatched diy decor quirks that all sophisticated drinking holes mandate, including its own in house art installation in the form of projected birds against a mural of a branching tree.

If I had to be perfectly honest, there is a sense of throwing everything and the kitchen sink in the interior design stakes, but give them a break, the town is relatively new at this sort of thing.

One thing they don't have to be in anyways shy of is their food and drink. Deadset, it was probably the best Espresso martini I have ever had!! It had just the right balance, and the fact that they used proper coffee really shone through. Be careful, you'd be knocking these back pretty quickly.

Unfortunately I didn't take note of the descriptions on the menu, or the names of the dishes, so I'm going to have to wing it.

We had 2 tasting plates in all. One was amazing lamb grilled in Eggplant. This was buttery ... divinely so. The lamb was soft and deftly flavoured and a good fit with the nutty chargrilled taste of the eggplant.

We also had a sort of crumbed pig's cheek croquette. Surprisingly light, and definitely moreish.

To round off our afternoon culinary delight, the chef whipped up a round of Lychee martinis ... amazeballs!! (which is a proper word now by the way!)

So if ever you're stuck in Canberra and looking for a night or afternoon out ... check out the Playground.

PS. And if you're still in the mood for supper after all that, head over to Dickson (Canberra's chinatown) and have a laksa at Dickson Asian Noodle House ... pretty darn good!

(Thank you D and J for being the perfect hosts!)

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