Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Treasure Island - bought on a whim

Ok ... this month I found less in my pay packet and nothing left over for savings so what do I do? ... I go and splash out on a framed print that I don't really need and can ill-afford ... but fuck it! Its a Stanley Donwood! If you're a Radiohead fan, then you'll understand why his work looks oddly familiar. He's done a few album covers and logos for the band. So my prized possesion, called Treasure Island, sits nicely on the mantlepiece, caressed by mood lighting from a Freedom lamp:

Oh and its signed ... but unfortunately its an open edition, meaning that its not a limited print run, he may choose to print more or he may not. Here's hoping.

Also in other "art/design" breaking news, we have finally hung the Kimono Belt we bought at 20% off over at Made in Japan. Its a bolt of deco heaven in blue and orange. Photo does not do it justice.

And finally at a recent scrounge round the Smith Street Bazaar, we collected a pair of these chrome leather chairs that now sit comfortably in all their ergonomic glory round the breakfast table.


  1. Oh dc my dear less? How on earth? If I was faced with less I too would be happy to invest. Shame you weren't with us at 4 Bennett's we had original tan leather versions
    Of these babies in the boardroom....

    1. I was at # 4 ... don't remember seeing them though.


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