Monday, 7 May 2012

I beg for a reprieve!

Ok ... I'd love to tell you dear ones that I have been too busy living life to update my blog ... the truth is I've been popping antibiotics in a desperate attempt to quell the swelling tide in my throat that has rendered all oral sustenance a chore rather than the usual pleasure it affords (also thanks to a surfeit of Vintage classics I seem to have adopted a rather Victorian turn of phrase!).

Thankfully I am surely on the mend, and I have ... well ... not very much to catch up on. But lets do a Random thoughts rundown anyways:

- Firstly ... Doncaster Shoppingtown ... Amaze"balls"!!! My friend JD was right, its not unduly massive but there's just something about it that makes it feel other than your run-of-the-mill shopping centre. Anyhoo, it also has the Apple Store with a Genius bar where my old skool iphone got fixed. Oh yes I was without my iphone (and more importantly my iPod!) for 3 whole days ... I was already climbing the walls and developing an allergic stress induced smacky itch!

- Secondly ... with Doncaster Shoppingtown on one end of the scale, waaaayyyyy over on the other side in tumbleweed country is Harbour Town!! Ok so I admit I am a bit of a snob when it comes to these things ... but it was like stepping into a different world altogether, where the smells of polyester and rubber reign supreme! I mean a whole 2 levels of total tack!! How does this happen in Victoria? WA yes! But not Melbourne.

- Thirdly ... I may have possibly had the best vanilla slice EVAH!! at Depot de Pain ... they call it a milles feuilles (fancy!) and they sell cans of goose rillet at $75 a pop ... but don't let that put you off. I am not a fan of vanilla slices (or snot blocks) because the bottom bit always has the texture of cardboard and the custard invariably tastes fake! But this one was divine!

- Fourthly ... my trusty friends at Padre have reliably informed me that a Magic (sorry fatboo!) is simply a hipster way of ordering a strong flat white.

Next up ... we finally made it to the Footscray Milking Station!


  1. I cannot order Magics regardless of their fine qualities because I can't bear to actually say the words "I will have a Magic please". What I was told was that they were a way that some cafe (groovy one, forget the name - maybe Auction Rooms?) were trying to make soy coffees taste good. So it is meant to be a double ristretto with soy milk in a 3/4 cup. Whether places actually do this now or just make a strong flat white, I know not.

    1. Ooh I didn't know it was meant to have soy ... like it even less now!! Ssh don't tell Bryan I said that.

    2. But I agreew Lauren, the name is too wanky so I don't order it anymore either, even if a (rare) well made one can be absolutely delicious!

      But the nitpicky side of me needs to insist it isn't a strong FW as it's in a 3/4 cup!

      I hear it originated from 7 seeds when Mark Dundon tried to make soy milk taste good in coffees (a fool's quest, lol).

  2. Donny rocks! Glad you likey :) Must go again - it has been a while. JD x

  3. Donny Rocks and we rock Massive JD. When's the catch up??!! Where shall we go??!! The newly revamped Builders Arms??

  4. Just popped out to Donny to pick up some bits and bobs yesterday, and let me tell you - it still hasn't lost its shine!


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