Monday, 7 May 2012

Footscray Milking Station

Ok ... so we finally made it to the Footscray Milking Station.

It was one of those amazing Melbourne autumnal days, slight chill in the air but with the sun packing a mean punch. Footscray Milking Station is slightly further out from us than W48 ... but far outclasses its competitor in the stakes of food, vibe and most importantly coffee. FMS uses Padre's house blend and you can certainly tell the difference.

This cafe on the leafy corner of Bunbury and Cowper Streets beckons you into a welcoming sea of green pastel hues and milky white accents. Altogether a very cheery aspect ... and the staff are amazingly convivial. It must be a great place to work at.

We started our afternoon repast with said Padre coffees and sat down to a deliciously uncomplicated meal that somehow made the world a much better place and life seem full of endless possibilities ... I know I am waxing lyrical here ... but its the first time I have really felt that the West has finally arrived ... that we've beat them at their own game ... plus we have the added colour, variety and contribution from a myriad of cultures also on our doorstep ... so we are doubly blessed.

M opted for homemade baked beans (his litmus test dish for brunching cafes) served with yummy crusty sourdough bread and real butter! (sorry but we are on a diet and very rarely have real butter).

I had the corn cakes served with relish, guacamole and slices of bacon. The perfect lunch and exactly the flavours I was after ... although we sheepily asked for the Salsa Picante ... which they brought to the table without batting an eyelid or scrunching a face.\

We have not milked this station dry ... and will certainly return for another tweak. I have my sights on the Beef Ragu wrap!

PS ... erm why would you need to have a Costco membership just to (a) park the car and (b) have a sticky beak!? Preposterous.

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  1. Glad you loved it! Their coffee is divine. I think you can get a visitor's pass for Costco to have a squiz??

    1. Yes its a brilliant place ... I really love it and its location!! As for Costco .... well .... I don't have a family to feed so I'm afraid they've done their dash! Meanwhile over at Aldi ... they fully lifting their game!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation

  3. @love2dine I hope you get a chance to check it out. It really is the cutest cafe.


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