Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Trash and Treasure - revisionist Melbourne

Ok ... its amazing how different Melbourne feels when viewed vicariously through the eyes of visiting friends from overseas. Melbourne decided to shelve its Winter coat for a few days of glorious Autumnal sunshine. We made full use of her summery choice of wardrobe and took a drive to Daylesford to take in some Trash and Treasure.

As always, a trip to Cliffy's and some homespun food is in order.

And the Convent Gallery never fails to dissappoint with its distressed walls speaking of quiet contemplation and modest palliative care.

Daylesford has it share of Byron style rainbow frippery, but we can forgive its slide into new age pontifery (sic) by the sheer presence of Alla Wolf-Tasker's Lakehouse and the fact that I managed to pick this US pressing still sealed for a gold coin donation of $2.00:


  1. The trees are cute and colorful.

  2. Thanks Alice ... Autumn is one of my favourite seasons precisely because of the colour.


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