Thursday, 12 April 2012

Americana - time to hoe in on the debate

Ok ... we were lucky enough to partake of the remnants of the Richmond Weekender on its very last weekend of existence. This has to be cross promotion par excellence - a temporary fit out in the old GTV 9 studios housing a market, cinema and the Graham Canteen. All of this before the space is turned into upmarket Studio Nine apartments, which at round about $470000 for a one bedder, is well out of the reach of your average pulled pork muncher and beer swiller.

But what is life without imagination and a healthy dose of pretence. So off we went to have ourselves a plate of American style barbeque ... slow cooked and smoky.

The handsome boys behind yet another pop up version of the recent influx of stateside street food serveries were convivial hosts and took us through the canteen style ordering process.

We selected our salads, sauces, bread and finally the meat - pulled pork, ribs and brisket. Opting for bubbles and beer we parted with our hard earneds and plonked ourselves in the warm autumn sun and gorged.

Time for a bit of tough love - the novelty of the whole proceedings far outreached the quality of the food. Thats not to say this wasn't yummy, but at those prices, and stripped away of the conceptual surroundings, I probably would have felt a little cheated. And I'm a little over this whole travelling medicine show of cuisine. Give me a fixed address, great coffee, and a reasonable priced lovingly prepared meal (Miss Marmalade I'm looking at'chu!) and I'm a happy camper.

Still it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. And lets have more of this shameless cross promotion - it works!



    I get that it's a pop up but geez that must have been a lot of chucked-out paper and plastic.

    I love this whole swing to Americana, partly because being married to a seppo, I'm happy it's making people realise the US isn't just all gun-totin' evangelists. The problem is, though, we've eaten so well at so many BBQ dives in the States, I find the efforts here still fall short of the mark. Oh well, props for trying!

  2. Aah you're more environmentally responsible than me Lauren. I didn't even think about it! If ever you find something that is half decent in terms of American street food, let me know. (had to look up seppo btw).


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