Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Waffle to end all Waffles?

Ok ... as our good friends find enforced distraction (thanks H. Irene!) in a West Hollywood gay club dancing next to Adele!, I ponder our last meal together before they left for NYC, in celebration of the lovely DV's birthday. I have blogged about the hotpots of Little Lamb in Box Hill previously, so I will politely decline a reprise at this stage, but will write about the Waffle to end all Waffles (perhaps) that we shoved down our gullets post red bean cake dessert (I might add) over at the ever popular Monga Dessert Lounge - the Hong Kong temple to homestyle delights right in the Overseas Student heartland of Box Hill. Apart from all the red bean, sago, pomelo, mango, chestnut etc delights on offer, it was pretty much a fait accompli that we would have one serving of Hong Kong Style Waffle - as it turned out we had 4, and had to "Ta Pao" (take-away) one home. So exactly what is a Hong Kong Style Waffle ... well ladies and germs ... here you go:

Its your plain style waffle (roughly 8-9"s), but absolutely flooded with Condensed Milk and wonderfully clogged with Peanut Butter!! It should come with its very own health warning - cardiac arrest imminent!!!

To borrow a Makansutra phrase, "die die must try" ... or rather "die trying"!!

PS - happy B'day DV ... we had a great time and I'm so glad that S still fits ... you lucky bastard!!!


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