Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Duchess of ... all things yummy actually!

Ok .. inspired by Claire's recent post on the Duchess of Spotswood and a particularly beautiful winter's day, we decided to revisit the Duchess for erm .., a spot of lunch! I've written about our first visit to this establishment in a previous blog entry (which incidentally was similarly inspired by Claire's recommendation) and the sentiment then still holds fast now ...

So lets shorthand this for you:

Spotswood: up and coming suburb - get in before housing prices go through the roof (seddon now has a million dollar property on its books - footscray has more than 2)
Hudsons Road: pretty! Also has lebanese pizza shop ... so not only pretty but essential!
Duchess: ambience - tick, staff - tick, menu - tick tick tick

M had the cauliflower soup with black truffle oil and a grilled scallop:

I had the Royal Fanfare which is salt cured trumpeter (a kind of fish) with spicy lamb sausage, home made chutney, and crumbed poached egg (how did they do this??!! ... quite carefully I would imagine).

The Paronomasic (wikki it!) menu is cause enough for a bout of furious eye rolling when you first read it,  but some of the items listed ... oh how they make you laugh! My favourite is something called Poetry (In motion) which consists of amongst other things ... warm prunes, youghurt and oats ... get it get it?

Oh and we had to have sweets and another batch of small ... erm ... batch coffees. I had the blackcurrant bramble cake, and M had some kind of jam roly poly shizz ... yeah well 'ard!

PS - while we lurch forward into longer days and unpredictable climes ... I have started my spring clean early ... you will find that I have now updated my Year in Books and Year in Music pages for your delectation ... enjoy!!


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