Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mondrian Cabinet Pt 2

Ok ... we actually spent most of the long weekend unravelling the puzzle of the Mondrian Cabinet, aka how to paint on plastic surfaces designed to keep unwanted dirt at bay.

The prep was great! M's steady hands and technical eye were a godsend.

Our first test with cheapo spray paint, wonderfully called Fiddly Bits passed the colour test with ... erm ... flying colours!!

But the damn paint would not stick! You could rub away with your fingers and the layers simply slid off. So after a little research on the interhole, we discovered Vinyl Dye ... and so far so good. The paint seems to be holding ... fingers crossed. The only downsise is that primary colours are generally not what people want sprayed all over their car seats ... unless you are the feathers in your hair dye your pubes pink kinda guy/gal!! So we will have to order the yellow, blue and red ones in.

Mind you this is potent stuff. I think we're still on a bit of a butane high! I should have asked my friendly neighbourhood chromer for advice when we first started. I'm sure he would have pointed us straight to Vinyl Dyes. But he would have probably spat at me at the end of that conversation, so perhaps it was worth spending money on some fiddly bits first.

We are itching to get this finished and displayed, so while we wait ...


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