Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Operational Matters

Ok ... a few administrative matters to go through ... as you know this is a relatively new site and still a work in progress. At some point I want a music player on here so that you can enjoy with me the songs I am digging right now ... I would also like to add a Photo Slideshow Gadget as I know some of you faithful readers enjoy vicarity (is this a word ... if not I just made it up) a little too much ...!!

At this point in time I would like to direct you to the new addition of my "This Year in Music So Far" lists which now exist as manually linked pages ... which means I can actually add more text and also an embedded video per album ... FUN!! I hope you discover something new amongst my humble choices ... and please feel free to comment. You can do it anonymously and I really would love to know what you think ... there's nothing better in my books than a robust and energetic conversation about music ... food ... life!

And while you mull over this, please enjoy a "hipstamatic" pic of yours truly ... this seems to be the app du jour over here where I am. There was a free trial but I think you have to pay now .. but its like $2 or something. (oh and for some odd reason my monitor doesn't show in the pic!! Don't I look butch .. hehehe)


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