Saturday, 20 March 2010

Giving up the Ghost

Ok ... so I did get a response from SkyDrive Abuse ... and it was my photos of Ron Mueck's sculptures that contravened the code of conduct.

I still prefer to continue my blog on this site but unless they reactivate my account, then these are hollowed and haunted pages.

So until the final nail is driven into the coffin, you can continue our further adventures here:

Please note that this is a work in progress ... I will continue to pretty it up as I learn to navigate the site as time goes by.
But I believe it will now be much easier for you, dear readers, to leave comments ... so I am looking forward to that at least!!
dan cope wrote:

oh boo.. It was art for heaven's sake. It was out there for the whole public to see. All you did was record it in your own personal diary. Boo.. xxx
21 Mar

Temasek wrote:

Just a little embarrassed because I think they did email me about it but I rarely check my hotmail inbox and when I do I tend to delete these messages without really reading them carefully. And yes the Ron Mueck sculptures depict nudity in extremely realistic terms! The exact wording in the Code of Conduct is: "depicts nudity of any sort including full or partial human nudity or nudity in non-human forms such as cartoons, fantasy art or manga" - I guess this stretches to encompass sculpture as well.
20 Mar

Phoenix wrote:

What was the problem with the photos? Was it a copyright issue or did they show nudity or something? Even still, I thought that a complaint had to be sent to Windows Live before they take action on anything. Did someone complain?
20 Mar


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