Thursday, 25 March 2010

But I still want to know how she got in the door uninvited - goldfrapp Head First reviewed

Ok ... the new Goldfrapp slipped quietly into the stores with a rather prosaic cover and no limited edition in sight!!

Although the single "Rocket" has been garnering interweb hits over the last few months and the video typically has a bondage theme at its core and a slight creep factor in its uber cinematic splendour, this cd's release is symptomatic of the times of ever tightening budgets and ever decreasing demand for the tangible product.

(or I could just have been living under a rock ... and haven't really invested)

Anyhoo, this is Goldfrapp doing Electro again ... not another female fronted 80s rehash you say ... but then again Goldfrapp were responsible in part for the re-vision and revitalisation of the elctropop genre in the first place ... back then it was a late 70s spangly Barbaresque version ... this time round its the early to mid-80s ... still very much disco morphing slowly into High NRG ... with a noughties sheen of course. Oh and a little bit of Abba thrown in ... in fact the title track could very well be a lost ABBA number from a once-imagined west end musical about chess playing diva cats ... well ... you get the picture.

I have to say this is a bit of a grower ... it doesn't quite hit you in the sing-a-long stakes ... but give it time ... and the dancing shoes will be out in your living room.


And isn't it serendipitiously strange that Hazell Dean's "Heart First" (get it) has just been given the old remastering treatment ... You cannot be a child of the 80s without having shaken your fluoro-bitched arse to "Whatever I do" ... its like not having heard of Sheena Easton ... c'mon!!!


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