Sunday, 11 January 2009

What I did on my hols 4

Ok ... so M is now responsible for yet another "worst days of my life" ... well no thats not fair ... but I just wanted to blame somebody ... the petulance has yet to wear off ... but peops ... AAARRRGGHHH!!!!

We spent 6 hours yesterday in stifling heat, hunched over in back breaking knee busting positions, breathing in motes of industrial waste and god knows what else, and gradually being covered by fine glass splinters ... which are still making me prickly all over .. like I've fallen into a garden of cactii naked!

And what exactly were we doing? ... Well putting in batts in the ceiling ... this better work!!! And I better feel the effects on the next hot day or come winter!

I never want to do this again!!! I think this will be my hell or purgartory when the time comes ... nix the purgatory ... I'm not catholic.

I did manage to get an arty shot ... couldn't help myself ...


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