Monday, 12 January 2009

On trying to stop a leaky tap

Ok ... moral of this poem .. jeez guys ... get a plumber already!!!

(inspired by P fixing a door, M wanting to enter the Age short story compo and an actual leaky tap!! ... oh and don't copy ... this is all mine!!)

Oh to stop a leaky tap
A plumber could be good for that
But wiley hands that twist and pop
could hardly save a single drop

Oh to stop the drip drip drap
A piece of tape could see to that
We'll wind it round the thread to see
If dripping tap will let us be

Alas to stop this droolly trap
I dropped his spanner for a bat
and bashed its head in 40 goes
But ever faithful on it flows

And now to staunch a gushing gash
Which was our erstwhile leaky tap
as constant as that drip drip drap
its time we stop this dreary crap!


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