Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A First for 2009 and A First Evah!!

Ok ... so it was the very first gig of the year ... Santogold at Billboard's!!

Had no expectations ... but was a little trepidatious when we rocked up at Billboard's and saw that most people had a "look" ... and most weren't even born when I had sex for the 1st time ... and considering it was Billboard's much hilarity ensued in the car on the way over of the "lets get some terry towelling, glowsticks, dummies, chupa-chups etc ... you get the drift ... and ready ourselves for some heavy duty melbourne shuffling!!' ... Anyhoo she was da bomb ... her voice was strong and she had her 2 robot girls bustin some righteous old skool MC Hammer moves ... complete with gold crinoline .. but sadly no Hammer pants ... STOP! ... you know what time it is !!

(scuse the crappy mobile pics)

Santo (is it pronounced Santa as in clause ... or Sant-O?) came out in one of those op shop space suits which is just crazy for the sake of being crazy ... and her DJ played a short set before she came on ... and I was heard to remark a number of times "they weren't even born!!" ... I felt like a dirty ol bastard I tell u what!

As girlfriend ony has one album, there was a finite amount of material to pull from ... but the material is strong ... and had lots of opps for shout-outs and audience participation ... all in all it was a great gig .. 'Say Aha" which always sounds a little dinky on record was a whole lot of fun live ... and so was "unstoppable" .. the slower numbers dragged a little ... but the cover of Guns of Brixton was well selected and for me the most fun was "Shove It".

And what was the First Evah alluded to in the title of this post? .... NO ENCORE!!! First Evah!!!


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