Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Ok ... always wanted one .. and now Spring has brought a pleasant surprise:

Its that bird-of-paradise-esque flower the Strelitzia - can't wait for this plant to take deeper root and truly branch out!!

Now that the bougainvillea has died out back, its nice to have this shot of brilliant colour!!

As the thermometer heats up, activity cools down .. so apologies for being horribly boring ... I'd rather not blog during these downtime periods, as I tend to get a little morose and self-involved - the usual "I never fit in anywhere" BS. Our home PC is rooted so the IT troll at Geeks-r-us up the road is building one from scratch, retaining just our sound card and transferring the hard drive across ... we have narrowly escaped the horror that is Windows vista by pilfering an XP CD from M's school. We have the bona fides in that we have our registration key, but some applications require the CD as part of the set up, which is something we have misplaced. So my web-surfing has been restricted of late ... PG13 is as far as it goes on the work lappie ... MA15 will be pushing it. But a few good things will come of it .. a new puter for a start, ours was still houesd in a cream coloured box and dated from 1999 - which is jurassic in terms of technology; we have cleared the pigsty that was the little office out the back, aka Sacha's bed cum toilet; and we had our annual clear the cobwebs fight!! The Downside is that Itunes kindly informs me that my iPhone can only sync with one Itunes library ... so yet again .. complete disregard for the punters that shelled out hard earned cash to feather their lambourghini-ed beds!! Mother-fuckers!


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