Wednesday, 19 March 2008

P is for Portishead

Ok ... is this just another way to suck some more of your hard earned dollars for an ever diminishing pool of music biz profits??

Its time to blame Radiohead again .... yeah pay what you like ... or pay nothing at all ... and then wham ... its a discbox set only available online and nowhere else ... and in the harsh light of day ... after the sense of euphoria dies down ... what bang did you really get for your buck ... the vinyl edition of the album ... an arty booklet ... and some off cuts which are interesting enough but nothing really mindblowing .. but what happen to the cover of Unravel .. bitches!!

Dear ole Trent Reznor has decided to do very much the same .. can we really put up with 2 discs of electronic meanderings wearing its 80s industrial nous on its sleeve with wholesale rip-off melodies from Bowie's Low years? NIN fan (-atics) step up to the plate.
Which leads me finally to the point of this whole post ... 
Portishead finally releases another full studio album entitled imaginatively enough THIRD!! And guess what!! OMG its another digital download with limited edition boxset!!! And guess what ... it don't have no CD but it has the vinyl version of the album ... but in its defense ... the USB drive in the shape of the Portishead P is delicious!! AND it includes 4 (I think) films plus the digital version of the LP (but in the dreaded WMA format) ... AND it includes a cel ... but I'm not quite sure of what .... AND AND AND guess who got sucked in and had to pre-order this online (so I'm one of 10000 worldwide) ... YOURS TRULY!!! So 40 quid poorer and with a self induced stomach tumour on account of the long anxious wait for it to arrive.

But seriously ... how cool does it sound!!!

Its list time again ... because I quite enjoy these:


MGMT Oracular Spectacular (eveb tho I agree with D that they look like tosspots on MYSPACE ... but the opening track is fantastic)

These New Puritans - Beat Pyramid - ok its yet another frigging journo-speak genre ... NU-RAVE ... what the hell ... great album though

El Guincho - Alegranza .. this is so much fun ... a sort of whacked out Mexican Avalanches via Toronto

Black Mountain - In the Future - intense

Hot Chip - Made in the Dark - this one has finally clicked

Hercules and Love Affair - GAY!! But for the moment it serves a purpose

Migrating Bird - Songs of Lal Waterson - in a word .. beautiful

Thee Silver Mt Zion - hard work .. but ultimately a moving experience ... stirring like Arcade Fire but through a drunken drugged out haze


Still on Northern Lights .. but I've reached the Polar Bear .. YAY


Repeats during Prime Time ... absolutely no respect


Finally had a look round Zambezi ... Eastern Market prices ... for PVC lined tops ... erm .. I think not

Leopold - despite LMFF, whats currently in store is for the wannabe straight tool wanting to impress the blonde sluts in South Melbourne

BUT - 30% at David Jones - including those whacked out Frinetti pants ... so double YAY
Oprah question - does anyone in the audience truly love their job??


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