Monday, 10 March 2008

Its Fashion!!

Ok ... so I attended my very first fashion event - Runway 7 at the LMFF (thanks to J!!)

I took R as my plus one and can I say what a hoot!!!
We saw all the uber cool indie labels like Alpha 60, Material Boy, Leopold, Romance was Born ... etc
Alpha 60

Leopold's Empire
Romance was Born

We had dinner at Chom Chom, then trammed it up bourke street to the Docklands ... we weren't quite sure where to get off until we saw Mr Trenchcoat in skinny black jeans and pointy leather shoes head for the door ... so we knew we were there ... seeing the gold patchwork cape and the big boat and marquee confirmed it all for us.

We hung out near the water with our free ice cream and people watched ... R kept asking where's fashion and singing ridiculous songs that popped into his head. Despite being told by an ex-LMFF staffer that these things never start on time we decided to head in just after 6 and scored a champers on our way in.

J came over when we settled in our seats and gave us the low down ho down on some of the peops there and we got silly with our complimentary fans trying our darndest to crack the other up with French and Saunders impressions.

It was a surreal experience for me seeing models walk down the catwalk with the media clicking away and wannabe fashionistas taking photos from the non-vip seats. I felt like such a luddite looking at some appalling 80s trends making a noughties comeback ... mind you we never thought that flares would ever ever make another appearance, so I guess we can't begrudge the drop crotch pants and shoulder pads ... but I had to draw the line at the bike shots with sequin panels!!

I liked the Friedrich Gray stuff with the rough cut leather panels under long tops and over skinny leather jeans ... Alpha 60 played it very safe but Material Boy was probably the highlight for me ... but would you really wear stirrup pants guys??? I mean I wore them to my High School dinner and dance but I was making my coming out statement then ....
material boy - drop crotch skinnies
By and large the cookier stuff was more to R's taste than mine... but we got more fashion tips from the punters than what was being choreographed down the runway. Needless to say the music was uber cool ... there was Dot Allison, Beirut, Patrick Wolf, Neneh Cherry, a mashup of MIA's Plastic planes ...

At the end of it all, we decided we needed to raid savers for old pleated pants, haul out the old Brother and clinch the bottoms tight round the ankles ... we called them balloon pants in the 80s ... tailored Hammer pants really at the end of the day.
romance was born with del kathryn barton print - a punter was actually wearing the pants - carrots included
The highlight for most peops was Romance was Born - they were last on the list so i.e. top billing and their show had props ... but what was most interesting was their collaboration with del kathryn barton ... who is one of my favourite australian contemporary artists. I first saw her work at the Archibald prize exhibition and absolutely fell in love ... i would buy the t-shirt just for the sake of having it ... its really not something I would wear ...
del kathryn barton's archibald entry - vasili kaliman
dkb's narrowweb
I must say that R and me are an unhealthy combination ... we didn't consume that much alcohol ... but it was pretty much in a short space of time ...

we trammed it back into the city after I pleaded with R not to head off into the Docklands for drinkies ... We started at Sista Bella , after perving on the door bitch ... pretty much skulled 2 glasses of sav blanc ... then sashayed off to the Seamstress and plonked ourselves at the bar ... perved on the bar staff ... and had a Ping Pong cocktail (main ingredient sloe gin) and then sloe gin on the rocks ... or was it just hendricks gin and tonic ... I forget!!
Oh and bumped into AB (of .... well I don't kiss and tell but he is on the telly) Chatted to him for awhile and then trundled off to meet M and the rest of the gang in Lt Bourke Street

We ended up at Double Happiness for one and a half lychee martinis (not before M chucked a tanty, then I chucked a tanty, M stormed off and then came back again with apologies for the Birthday Boy ... and that is why we are still together for such a long time ... becoz he's scared of me ... hehe ... no because his heart truly is in the right place .... I know he can be a handful and overtly passionate and sometimes too brusque ... but peops if ever you are in strife ... this is the man you want in your corner ... trust me!!!).

double happiness
Then I crashed big time .... needless to say the next day was a sluggish start to our afternoon BBQ ... but that will have to be another post chookers!!

The long weekend has just passed ... here's to easter!

Its list time - current:
Reads - Northern Lights - gripping!!! can't wait to get to the polar bears

Dvds - Earth: final conflict - cheaparse live action sci-fi drama series from thunderbird creator - good way to spend a couple of listless hours

Music - still goldfrapp - but truly excited about new releases from portishead and M83
TV - medium still rocks my world ... along with house and unfortch Desperate housewives - but I'm so glad the ABC is running Grand Designs from the start.


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