Thursday, 28 February 2008

Seven Hour Lamb

ok ... so I'm on a roll ... 4 posts in one day ... I'm bored and a tad listless ... sue me!!!
I was speaking to T at work about the time P, M and me did a 7 hour lamb roast. In fact that was our inaugural cook-up ... the very first one and at the old house too. I remember it being a rather frosty saturday in July 2005 ... we trundled off to Vic Market in spitting rain for supplies ... came back home and got stuck in the grog ... managing a more than satisfying gourmet style ploughman's lunch ... really its the only lunch to have when you've been to the market delis ....
As the name suggests, or rather states quite clearly, the cooking process takes at least 7 hours .. well 7 hours straight in the oven ... not counting preparation time ...
we played cards to while away the hours ... well twas supposed to be a friendly game ... lets just say I saw a side of P's that I had not encountered previously ... hhmmm!!
(Anyhoo, P, before you get a complex about this all , I realise that the recent posts seem to mention you alot ... don't get conceited!! You seem to have coincided with my brief spurt of blog updating energy ... it won't last ... so enjoy it while you can.)
Anyhooo ... pics are worth a k words!!
Roasting tray being sealed with a mixture of flour and water
ready for the oven
Out of the oven ready for plating ... and yes we went overboard with the bouque garni ... but it was worth it
Ready for carving ... although you literally could just peal the meet off
Plated ... can't really remember how the taters were done ... but it was yummy ... I'm sure there would have been blue cheese involved
the accompanying salad ..   i do believe that is bocconcini .. or possibly mozerella .... both excellent with green salad btw
 OMG ... its a chocohotopot!!
And of course the satisfied customers ... and thats me showing what I thought of P's displays at the card table ...
(oh and you can find the recipe here ....  ... thanks to dave and gail's blog)


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