Sunday, 17 February 2008

eastern promises at eastern market

ok ... well the first shopping trip was ... well to put it delicately ... pedestrian at best ... sorry P, but you were totally under the weather and it was like having a sick child in tow ... but anyhoo ... I don't believe that the day was entirely a write-off.
 We did discover one of those eclectic little boutiques ... the kind that never really fronts the street, or if it did .. you either stepped down or stepped sideways to enter some sort of cavernous hall with racks lining the sides ... and an orchestrated abandone of accessories and objet d'arts .. and wood panelling ... or piano black glass filling in the gaps (piano black is my word d'jour ...) ... and usually run by some middle aged lady of leisure either plump with big hair ... or skinny with cropped hair and black .... always black!! I'm talking about Eastern Market in grattan st ... I think P and I were slightly out of our league ... but we put up a brave front, considering they were throwing garments at us left right and centre, god even P got me worried with a white shirt that he seemed to have taken a fancy to ... a bargain at the discounted price of $750 ...
Now when in the moment, in front of an almost baroque mirror with Edna E Mode tugging at your shoulders .... I think your body switches on some kind of fashion trigger that releases courture endorphins ... or something or other ... and u start entertaining thoughts of putting money aside ... or pulling out your credit card and possibly cutting down on that extra daily coffee or store-bought lunches ... just so you could own that carol christian poell jacket .... knowing full well that it would languish in the dark recesses of your wardrobe reserved for old second hand coats ... as a testament to money ill-spent!!!
In the cold light of day ... that light shade of bland with its simple cut ... woudl just look like any other cast off you get from Savers ... and the sleeves ... don't start me on the whole sleeve issue ... P got a bit of an ear bashing from me regarding sleeves ... its sooo not the fashion .... we want shrunken jackets ... with more cuff showing!!!
So apart from this obscure Austrian designer ... there was some italian collective that seemed to have dissolved and gone its separate ways .... everything seemed to be in treated fabric of some sort ... with off centre details that for the most part worked ... including stitching on a jacket by some kind of installation artist ... there were some really great boots ... including a rather trendy pair of wellies that P tried on ... (he couldn't quite get the zip up or down ... twas a funny moment ... these things usually happen to me ... so it was nice to see the shoe ... or in this case, the boot ... on the other foot)
Oh and who can forget the wallet made out of stingray skin .... classic!! I almost thought it was going to glow in the dark ... then it made me feel nauseous so I'm glad that Edna Mode got distracted by some other distressed garment with striaght jacket starchiness.
I think we stopped at Chiodo next ... Comme Des Garcons does nice shirts ... and the Chiodo overcoats are very very tempting!!!
Then it was one of those discount designer spaces that was full off tat ... but sometimes it does pay to be a little thorough ... though remember to bring wet ones ....
Assin - all I can say to you is DIOR darling!!! And my wallet looks up at me and shakes its head (if it had a head .... stay with me peops ... use a bit of imagination) in disdain at my self-delusion
Oh and as for trendy trackky daks .... that would be a resounding NO!!!
James Cameron ... finally got there ... you know what .. if i was in the market for a suit ... thats the place I would go to ... it was all rather on the safe side ... although the blue shirt was lovely with its sky blue buttons ... must look out for when they have a sale ...
Alpha, hem & haw, Marais (Viktor and rolf!! hehe) ... in, round and out ... with nothing to show for it.
If you want my opinion .. shopping sux here ... even if you did have the money to throw around ... go overseas ... pack light and bring back a shitload of stuff to last you at least 3 seasons ...
(oh and did I not get the memo or something ... but who the fuck revitalised Lanvin??? Didn't it die along with disco???? I guess now that we have Fred Perry, Dunlops, La Coste all having made inroads to the mor market ... maybe we'll see a bit more of ellese, fila, alain delon???)


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