Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Ok .... before I forget ... went to the Big day out with K & M.

Perishingly hot ... needed 3 applications of sunscreem ... absolute seething dustbowl .... ratm wankers everywhere ... boiler room full of chapel street hooners ... reminded of why I love summer and straight boys ... $13.30 for a pitiful souvlaki and water ('nuff said) ... k had no id so couldn't be tagged for alcohol ... which means that we continued to put up with ratm wankers without the benefits of being slightly inebriated (how true!!! - obscure french and saunders reference that only R will get) ... oh and saw the following bands:


Josh Pyke (because I was forced to)
midnight juggernauts (great but the sound was blowing in the wind)
spoon (ga ga ga ga ... gag!!! - no they were good .. but not really my cup o tea)
Arcade Fire (OMG!!!!! When that first pipe organ chord rang out on a bona fide pipe organ ... I could have been having sex)
BJORK (words cannot describe ... )
a bit of Battles (great great great ... the poor drummer ... he really earnt his keep)
a bit of dizzee enroute ... it sounded like a real party
LCD Soundsystem (OMFG!!! I'm a chubby chaser now ... if you get a chance ... go see!!!)

Next gig - Beirut
Regreting not doing PJ Harvey ... but $118 + ... I mean seriously!!
But L from work reckons that if you have every single CD of a band ... you're obliged to go and see them each time they play ... kinda makes sense ... wish my wallet thought so as well.


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