Monday, 2 July 2007

Dayelsford Photo Biennale

Ok ... so we trundled off to Daylesford on the recommendation of L and S to see some of the exhibitions as part of the Photo Biennale. It was cold and wet, but some of the photos were well and truly worth the visit. We also discovered to our delight how wonderful a vegetarian meal could be when done correctly.

We started off at the cinema/town hall which was hosting portraiture. Saw some fantatic photos from people who I would gladly pay to have a photo-portrait done. No glamour shots here I can tell you ... and who would want them? Why shell out hundreds of dollars to look like an extra in Dynasty??? Hello do these people not have taste??? Bet the men who shoot these as a living have plucked eyebrows, fake tans and gold bracelets!!! Unfortunately I did not take any shots myself apart from the outside of the building:

This was a shot of one of the pottery studios which at some stage had an upstairs verandah, and now looks like a door opening out to nowhere:

Feeling a little peckish and purely by chance we ended up in the Himalaya cafe, which is your standard upmarket, organice, hippiesque cafe run, most likely, by lesbians (I don't mean this perjoratively ... but if it gave you a giggle then "all my best friends are lesbians!!!")

M had a risotto of wild mushrooms ... and I know I use this term alot ... but hello orgasmic!!!! It was truly truly scrumptious!! No doubt about that. I had an open sandwich of roasted red capsicums, avocado with a white bean paste ... and that was pretty much on par!! Not the cheapest in terms of cafe nosh, but money well and truly spent. Coffee was pretty darn amazing too. So if you're ever in Daylesford, ignore all those posh eateries on the high street, and head straight for Himalaya. I'm talking high street here, because you can't go past Cliffy's!!!!

Warmed up from our food, we headed off to the Botanic Gardens where the next exhibition was held in the open with the photos laminated and hanging off the fence. It was raining and really icy but the photos made up for the hideous weather and got us all excited. I wasn't planning to take any photos ... coz it sort of feels wierd taking a photo OF a photo, but when I turned the corner and saw a photo of Lee Li Chin, the SBS newsreader, I just had to have a snap. Which then started the ball rolling, and we took more photos of photos. I'm only sorry that I didn't take any details down ... but honey it was cold!!! And I could barely stop shaking enough to steady the camera and focus.

Tower at the top of the Botanical Gardens near the actual exhibition

On our way back, we stopped at an old church hall that had a 20% sale on fine furnishings ... well, more of the nanna kind, but we did find a sun clock ... which is something I've always wanted!!! And is now hanging in the kitchen ... I love my sun clock. Thank you so much M for buying it. Now we need to do something about the Arkeleys ....


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