Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Auspicious Start

Ok ... well what a way to start a new phase!! First day at the new job and winter well and truly hits!!! I had my $10 op shop duffle on, and my new Marcs jumper with a shirt and honey I was shaking with cold like I had parkinsons ... to top it all off, I'm back working in the city and there's a bloody shooting near flinders lane .. with 2 critically injured and one fatality!!!
I look at this Peter Booth painting and I see the layers through and through:
But on a happier note ... I think I may have found my ideal company to work for. I was not feeling nervous at all before this morning, and the nerves continued to stay away even when I got there!!! So that was a good sign. There were three of us just starting and NB made us feel so welcome ... and whats more wanted!!! Which is indeed rare. Usually they make you feel like you should be grateful that they hired you in the first place. We had a quick overview of the schedule for the day, had a quick tour of the office and met the rest of the staff, then promptly went to The Bean for coffee!!!
We started at 9.30am and ended the day at 4.30pm, after having 2 sessions on the company and the services. NB kept apologising about the dryness of the material, but seriously, I've never had an induction on the first day where they explain every facet the of the business to you.
Then she had an interview for the MD position. When she came out she was actually willing to talk about it. I mean these things anywhere else would have been kept hush hush like it was the biggest secret out. Another Tick peops!!!! None of that "oh that doesn't concern you" bullshit. Everything is seemingly transparent.
We will be having a company paid day out in a month. Start of with breakfast in the city and then everyone gets on a bus and does a winery tour in the Yarra Valley ... this is during the day!!! they hire a temp to man the phones ... HELLO PEOPS!!! Are you hearing me???
The CS Manager, who is new and who I report to, gets to go to Singers 3 times a year ... guess who finally has an incentive to work his way up to the top. I would be a team leader just for that.
But anyhoo ... ask me in another 2 weeks and I may tell a different story ... but for now, just let me enjoy this!!! I think I deserve it muthafuckas.
Oh ... trying to find a silver frame (cheap price, but not cheap) for our Howard Arkley print (suggestions on the back of a postcard):
PS ... Another cook up this Sat!!!! Pics and story soon after ... I hope.


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