Friday, 9 May 2014

Vale Sue Townsend - Thank you for Adrian

Ok ... firstly how am I only just finding out that Sue Townsend has put down her writing implements for the last time and is now chortling up a storm in literary heaven.

I remember picking up The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole for 50p at a WH Smith from one of those twirly racks like the ones greeting cards are usually stuffed into.

Picture this little spotty Anglophilic 15yr old delving into the world of 80s thatcherite England full of teenage angst, feather fringes, licorice all sorts earrings and pencil skirts! I was in heaven and gave myself loads of knowing looks and nods of approval in the mirror as sadly I was basically friendless at that point in my life.

So here's to you Sue!! For giving me Adrian Mole, who was my best friend in proxy. And here's one of my favourite poems from Adrian's secret diary:

The Tap (Tuesday, 13 January)

The tap drips and keeps me awake,
In the morning there will be a lake.
For the want of a washer the carpet will spoil,
Then for another my father will toil.
My father could snuff it while he is at work.
Dad, fit a washer don't be a burk!


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